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The Austrian Sustainability Action Days


An initiative presents itself

The Austria-wide initiative “Sustainability Action Days” takes place once a year over a period of about ten days and puts the commitment for a sustainable development in Austria in the limelight.

The goal of the initiative is to demonstrate the enormous range of activities in the field of sustainable development as well as to offer the opportunity of shaping ideas to Austrian actors at regional, provincial, and federal level and to make them experiencable within the framework of an Austria-wide programme of events. The concept of sustainability shall thus be strengthened in the awareness of the society and the value of sustainable development for the preservation of our quality of life shall be emphasized.

Moreover, the action days aim at publically acknowledging the voluntary commitment of the participants, which serves as a shining example and stands for common solidarity and for a high personal responsibility in the field of sustainability.  

In the course of its 9 years of existence more than 2870 events all over Austria have thus illustrated in an impressive way how to be committed at private and professional level to an Austria worth living in in one’s region and in one’s Federal Province.

As an initiative with an effect on the public and on the media it has developed more and more into a platform of participating in shaping, raising awareness and learning from each other in the field of sustainable development.


The actors in charge of the initiative

The initiative is run by the sustainability coordinators of the Federal Government and the Federal Provinces and has more than 50 partners from the civil society and the private sector.

The sustainability coordinators constitute a body between the Federal Government and the Federal Provinces and develop joint sustainability activities in Austria.


Participation requirements

Everyone in Austria who is committed to a future worth living in can participate in the Sustainability Action Days. With a simple entry into the programme of the Action Days on the internet the various activities of the participants become visible for all those interested and constitute, within the period of the initiative, a multifarious programme of events in a range of fields of topics on sustainable development from education to climate protection.

Up to now private persons, federations, associations, NGOs, enterprises, towns, communities and regions, as well as social, scientific, cultural and spiritual institutions, Ministries and other administrative institutions have participated in the initiative. The range of their activities in the programme of events comprised for example recycling workshops, exhibitions, enterprise evenings, pop-up stores, citizens participation projects, up to university lectures, and repair cafés.  


Ms. Mag.(FH) Petra Isabella Schwarz, Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK)

Directorate V/9

Telefone: +43 1 711 62-611635

E-mail: petra.schwarz@bmk.gv.at


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